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Pets are the animals you use to fight in Wild Ones. Currently there is a Dog, a Rabbit, a Panda, a Monkey, a Bat, a Armadillo, aHamster, a Platypus and a cat.

Here is a chart with the pets abilities
Dog Dog Bone
Rabbit Super Jump
Panda Panda Punch
Monkey Climb
Cat Scratch
Bat None (But it can fly)
Armadillo Dig
Hamster Giant Form
Platypus Tsunami


[hide]*1 Abilities


Pets have unique abilities; the abilities are posted here:
  • The Rabbit

2 of 9Add photo===[edit]Tier 1:===


-Average Health (But Higher than Rabbit and Monkey)

-Low Jump -Slower than any other pets -Special : Punch - Punch other pet for 400 damage and can knock them

really far if used correctly.

[edit]Tier 2:Edit


-Great Health

-Same speed with rabbit and monkey -Low Jump -Special : Bone : Drop a time-bombed bone that deal a max of 200 damage. Armadillo

-Average Health, Average Jump, Nice Speed, Special Is Pretty Powerful, Unlimited Special
-Special : Dig (Slow)
-Special Is Good For Many Reasons, If Used To Dig A Hole In The Ground To Make Your Opponent Fall In It


-Average Health , Average Jump and Average Speed
-Special : Giant
Giant is a good ability for defense!

[edit]Tier 3:Edit


-Average Health, Nice Jump, Nice Special

-Special can be used to cover distance real fast -Special can be used to go to higher ground fast -Special : Super Jump : A really high jump that can be used in many situation.


-Average Health, Can Fly

-Average Speed -Special : None


-Average Health, Great Jump, Unlimited Special

-Special can be used to jump horizontally depending of the slope of the terrain -Special is good for many situation if used with practice -Special : Climb : Can be activated and deactivated infinitely. When activated, Monkey's move speed will become slower than usual, but Monkey can climb over all terrain

[edit]Tier 4:Edit


-Average Health, Best Jump of all Pet, Fastest pet of all, special is pretty powerful

-Special is like Panda punch but it is weaker


  • Three weapons are based on a animal but is not a pet in the game, these weapons are Cow, Trout and Spider Bomb.
  • When you color the Panda all white the Panda looks like a Polar Bear.
  • When a pet dies it will break like fragments like beehives.

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